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2018 Lakes Region Conservation Corps – AmeriCorps Program

In 2018, LRCT hosted six LRCC-LRCT members for 22.5 weeks from May through October.  Members worked on a variety of projects including maintaining LRCT’s 95+ miles of trails, acting as island and property hosts at LRCT’s conservation properties, leading guided excursions and other educational and outreach opportunities.  They worked on special property management projects constructing bridges and kiosks, updating property boundary markings and signage, monitoring conservation easements, removing invasive terrestrial plants, and conducting property research and property record keeping projects.  LRCC-LRCT members received training in land conservation methods, conservation and recreational land management, and education and outreach.

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) is an independent, nonprofit, member-supported organization dedicated to the permanent protection, stewardship, and respectful use of lands that define the character of the region and its quality of life.  LRCT protects more than 25,000 acres of land in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. These lands encompass more than 95 miles of trails, more than 5 islands, numerous mountain summits, and a host of other destinations that are open to the public.  LRCT is a nationally Accredited Land Trust and an active member of the Land Trust Alliance and NH Land Trust Coalition.

Dave Roberts

 November 9, 1935 - March 29, 2017



Dave Roberts, a founding member and director of BRCC, passed away on March 29, 2017.  An avid hiker and mountain climber, Dave was also involved with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

Dave spent decades exploring the Belknap Range, marking existing trails, blazing new trails, and marking the location of numerous natural and historic features.  Using early GPS technology, Dave generated the first hiking trail maps of the Range.  Current Belknap Range trail maps, which can be found on this site, are basically updates of Dave's original maps.

Dave was known as "dcr" on the popular www.winnipesaukee.com Forum, where he posted over 1,400  beautiful photos in the PhotoPost section of the site.  He posted many photos of mountain scenes for the enjoyment and education of the Forum viewers.  In many of his photos he labeled each mountain peak for the benefit of the viewers.  Here is one of Dave's mountain view photos:

Dave will be missed by his many friends, acquaintances, and anyone who happened to meet him along the Belknap Range trails.

Recent Land Project by LRCT

Additional 273 Acres on Piper Mountain Conserved

Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) and the Gilford Conservation Commission worked together to conserve 273 acres on Piper Mountain in Gilford. This property encompasses Piper’s open summit (elevation 2,044′), the surrounding unfragmented forest and wild habitat, and parts of key hiking trails.


View from Piper Mt.

(Rick Van de Poll Photo)

Contiguous to thousands of acres of conserved land, the Piper Mountain parcel has long been a conservation priority. This project will ensure that Piper Mountain’s wildness and scenery, popular trials, and magnificent views of surrounding mountains and lakes can be enjoyed by all for generations to come.


Click on map for printable PDF

Anyone who has hiked on Piper Mountain or elsewhere in the Belknaps, or who enjoys the views of the Belknaps from around the region, can attest to the beauty of this landscape. YOU were the key to permanently protecting a critical part of this landscape.


Piper, the dog, on her namesake mountain

(Nanci Mitchell Photo)

More information from the LRCT about this, and other, projects is available here:  Recent and Current Land Projects

You can read more about LRCT's past success conserving land in the Belknap Range here.

Thank you very much for your support!

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