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About the Belknap Range Conservation Coalition (BRCC)

Our Mission

The BRCC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the conservation of open space, responsible stewardship, and low-impact public enjoyment of the scenic, natural, recreational and historical resources of the Belknap Mountain Range.

Our Goals

  • Focus efforts on the protection of the largely unfragmented natural landscape that makes up the Belknap Mountain Range.

  • Facilitate cooperation and communication among conservation organizations, municipalities, other government entities and area landowners.

  • Help coalition members secure funding, technical assistance and other resources for carrying out programs in support of this mission.

  • Educate the public, landowners and local decision makers about the significance of the resources of the Belknap Mountain Range.

  • Develop, promote and implement methods and strategies for ensuring the long term protection and responsible stewardship of these resources.

  • Promote opportunities for low impact public enjoyment and recreation.

How We Work

The BRCC is a coalition of organizations and individuals interested in conserving the significant natural resources and recreational opportunities found in the Belknap Range of mountains.  The BRCC does not own land and does not hold conservation easements on land, but instead works with the member organizations to achieve these goals.


Board of Directors

Click here for a listing of the BRCC's Directors.


Annual Reports









Links to Related Organizations and Publications

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The BRCC has participating members from the following areas:






UNH Cooperative Extension

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

Lakes Region Conservation Trust

Belknap County Sportsman's Assoc.

Gilmanton Land Trust

Belknap County Conservation District

New England Forestry Foundation

Plus, other dedicated individuals.

Noted BRCC Past Member:

Dave Roberts

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